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Uriflex Liberty is a set of elegantly designed products to train against bedwetting. ManGo was approached by Urifoon; a company specialized in urinary problems to develop their new bed wetting alarm.

The set consists of a receiver module, vibrating puck, charging dock, special underwear and corresponding app. In the underwear, a detection circuit for urine is integrated. When moisture is detected, a signal is sent to the receiver module that sounds an alarm. The alarm wakes the user to go to the toilet. After a few months of practice, the Uriflex system in most cases ensures the user stays dry through the night.


Urifoon, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, UI/UX design, Packaging development

UN Goal


Design for comfort

We created a clean and friendly product line appealing to young children as well as teenagers (and adults to some extent). The design is subtle yet intuitive in functionality. With a clear user interface which focuses on waking the user and easy disabling of the alarm.

The large, intuitive capacitive button makes it easy to disable the alarm whilst still being sleepy. The surrounding LED ring, in case of alarm, highlights the button to find it easily at night. Our team has thought carefully about colours for the indication of alarm, charging and errors.

Together with our electronics partner, ManGo optimized the wearable transmitter’s comfort by making it as small as possible. With rounded edges to eliminate any discomfort during the night. The transmitter is charged on the alarm module, ensuring it can last an entire night before bedtime.

The Uriflex system also has a vibration puck accessory for under the pillow, only for hard to awaken users.

6. Urifoon Uriflex


Transmitter detects moisture and sends signal to receiver.

7. Urifoon Uriflex


Receiver sounds alarm and light signal.

8. Urifoon Uriflex


User switches off alarm and can go to toilet.

2. Urifoon Uriflex
5. Urifoon Uriflex
3. Urifoon Uriflex

Application development

The optional app connects to the devices, enables changing of settings, acts as a parent alarm and tracks progress of the bed wetting training. Based on data the system collects, Urifoon provides tailor-made training advice to users.

13. Urifoon Uriflex
15. Urifoon Uriflex
14. Urifoon Uriflex

Packaging design

ManGo designed the unboxing experience with artwork radiating positivism and avoiding stigma. Simple, powerful and gender-neutral drawings are used to evoke feelings of self-confidence and appeal both to young and older children.

17. Urifoon Uriflex
18. Urifoon Uriflex
22. Urifoon Uriflex
19. Urifoon Uriflex

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