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Worldwide, one third of all produced food is wasted. To battle this, Orbisk developed an automated food waste monitor for restaurants and hotels. Using Artificial Intelligence, Orbisk provides insights, enabling users to adjust the menu, optimize their purchasing process and change portion or buffet sizes to reduce food waste up to a staggering 70%.


Orbisk, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, UI/UX design

UN Goal


An average restaurant for 100 guests wastes 30-60 kg’s of food daily​

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20% of all purchased ingredients are thrown away.

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Orbisk saves food and reduces costs of operating a restaurant

From prototype to product

The first prototype built by Orbisk consisted of a simple housing with a camera, sensors and a simple touch screen. Placed above a wheeled bin on a platform to take images and weigh the food that was thrown away. ManGo Product Design was challenged to upgrade the prototype to a stable, scalable product design to be used worldwide.

Orbisk focused on the electronics and AI development. ManGo was responsible for the hardware design and mechanical engineering. After visiting several prototype test locations and interviewing users, multiple improvements were identified. These were integrated in an elegant design, fitting for use in heavy duty environments. The interface and use flow of the product were also optimized by us to ensure that the Orbisk would not slow down any of the kitchen work.

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Fast small series production

Demand for the Orbisk was high, to enable Orbisk to get further traction we realized the first production run within six months. By creating the construction and housing from sheet metal, moldings were avoided which saves a lot of time. And by working together with manufacturers from our network, prototypes were created in a matter of weeks.

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