Toy design

LoCoMoGo is a toy train that playfully teaches children aged 4 to 12 how to code. With tape, you create a track on the ground that the train can follow through sensors. By adding different colours of tape on and next to the track, it is possible to make the train create fun movement, colour or sound effects. With the included app, children can set what the train does with certain inputs. Step by step, the possibilities expand until eventually they will be able to code C++ themselves.


LoCoMoGo, Netherlands


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Safe product design

ManGo Product Design supported the LoCoMoGo team in turning their prototype into a scalable production model. Taking into account all laws and regulations concerning the manufacturing of safe toys and obtaining a CE mark. In the design process, we made choices for component placement, wiring diagram and material selections. Special attention was given to the routing of power and data cables from the PCBA, via the bogie and couplings to all wagons without the risk of pinching.

2. Logomogo toy design
3. Logomogo toy design
4. Logomogo toy design

IoT electronics development

For the placement of PCBAs, sensors and actuators, we worked closely together with several electronics developers. For example, the PCBA in the locomotive was narrowed for the production model at our request. This was necessary because the prototype had not yet taken into account discharge angles of the injection moulded components. Savings were also achieved by combining buttons in the headlights, which also provided an entertaining and interactive UI/UX element.

5. Logomogo toy design

Arranging production

Once the 3D geometries were determined, ManGo managed guidance and communication with the factory. In this process, the final colours and finishing of all parts were determined, including tolerances. These had to be configured so that the housing pieces fit well and the moving parts have enough freedom without rattling. As a final step, we were responsible for reviewing samples to validate finishes and tolerances for series production.

7. Logomogo toy design
8. Logomogo toy design

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