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The Quuby developed by ManGo Product Design for Deryan is a multifunctional high chair that “grows” with your child. It can be used from birth until the child is 10. Unique is the compact and lightweight Matryoshka design which allows multiple functionalities suitable for different ages. Quuby can be used as high- low- or junior chair and also as table and chair. When not in use the modules can be placed inside each other for compact storage or transport. This allows for the product to be useful for many years and due to its sturdy design, it hardly wears out as well.


Deryan, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, Packaging development

UN Goal

3. Deryan Quuby
5. Deryan Quuby

Regulations for safe use

The development of the Quuby was a years-long process from initial sketches to 3D CAD, scale models and many prototypes. For children’s chairs, there are strict regulations to which they must comply before receiving a CE mark. The prototypes were not only tested by us against the hard requirements from the regulations, but also by users and with small children. In this way, we were able to ensure that the product would be suitable for both practical use and the mandatory regulations.

7. Deryan Quuby
8. Deryan Quuby
9. Deryan Quuby
10. Deryan Quuby

Mass production

A challenge was to realise the Quuby with as few parts as possible despite all its functionalities. For ease of use but also because of production costs and accessibility to a wide audience. Optimal use was made of the properties of plastic. The material’s flexibility allows the modules to slide and click into each other. The chair consists of seven parts straight from the injection mould without any post-processing. The only added component that requires manual work is the mandatory harness.

11. Deryan Quuby
12. Deryan Quuby

Winner German Design award

Jury verdict: “The Quuby High Chair appears cleverly designed to grow with a baby up to its later childhood. The chair is tremendously adaptable to a myriad of functions while remaining tidy and slight.”

We managed to design the chair in such a way that it fits together perfectly (for storage) but this is not visible when the chair is constructed for use. Besides the high chair design, ManGo has also developed a whole range of matching accessories for Deryan’s Quuby.

13. Deryan Quuby
14. Deryan Quuby

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