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Home automation is rising in popularity; increasingly we control lighting, heating, ventilation, fire alarm, blinds and more with our phones. However, these mostly come from different brands with their own apps making it inconvenient to control and align them all. Thinka provides homeowners with a single hub to manage all smart devices.

ManGo Product Design was approached for the product design and engineering of the Thinka Z-Wave hub. A device that allows users to connect a wide range of products to HomeKit, Google Assistant or Alexa.


Thinka, NL


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, UI/UX design, Packaging development

3. Thinka
2. Thinka
4. Thinka

Minimal aesthetics

The design of the Z-Wave hub reflects the design philosophy of Thinka. Hide complexity on the inside and minimal aesthetics fitting to blend in all interiors. A square shape was preferred to symbolize ease of use and match with other home automation products. The challenge was to create aesthetics differentiating the Thinka hub in a market full of such devices.

Our design process resulted in a softened square with a large button as central element. The language of form, which is both friendly and technical, symbolizes the bridge between user and devices. The interface utilizes the dots from the Thinka logo, which gives the product a distinct character.

9. Thinka

Optimized product engineering

Simple looks on the outside but smart engineering on the inside. A completely screw-less design, allowing assembly in 10 seconds. Several prototypes were made to achieve the perfect tactile feedback from the button. The structure was optimized to withstand drop tests and the LED UI was optimized to avoid light “pollution”.

6. Thinka
7. Thinka
8. Thinka

Packaging design

A high-end product like Thinka deserves a fitting unboxing experience aligned with the brand identity. Using cardboard prototypes, we investigated how to best involve users in a step-by-step installation process of device and application.

10. Thinka z-wave
11. Thinka z-wave

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