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When Platinum parasols approached ManGo Product Design in 2016 they were a well-established brand in the Netherlands. To solidify their position, they required a complete overhaul of their product range. Competitors had copied Platinum’s parasols and were offering them at lower quality and costs. Ever since this first successful project our collaboration has been going strong, with ManGo continuously working on new innovations.


Platinum , Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing

Design of a product range

To enable an efficient and cost-effective outcome of the design process the focus was first put on creating a redesign of most commercial model. Once Platinum approved the final concept design the selected aesthetics were integrated into other models of parasols to create one coherent product family.

2. Platinum parasol
3. Platinum parasol


Throughout the design process special attention was put into creating ergonomic operating points as some of the actions to operate parasols can be quite strenuous. Besides the aesthetic improvements new features of use were added within the product range as well, for example the stepless cantilever function enabling tilting of the shade in any desired position.

5. Platinum parasol
6. Platinum parasol
7. Platinum parasol

Fast time to market

The new collection was developed and in production within one year, the new models were received very positive by the market. And established Platinum parasols as the number one parasol brand in the Netherlands and several other countries as well. Resulting in Platinum’s healthy annual growth, which continues to evolve thanks in part to the innovations that continuously emerge from the collaboration with ManGo.

11. Platinum parasol
13. Platinum parasol
14. Platinum parasol

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