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Octo Actuators is a leading German company in the area of ultra-flat drive technology for bed angle adjustments. They supply their systems to the bedding industry for integration into beds as final products. ManGo Product Design was approached to assist in the first direct to consumer product of Octo Actuators. At the same time the development of the new brand identity was executed something in which the design of the product played a vital role as well.


Octo Actuators, Germany


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Packaging development

Working prototype

The request was to develop a crude working prototype made by the client into a slick consumer product. Dubbed as “CosyLift” the innovation was an aftermarket, direct to consumer device which can be placed underneath any mattress to enable automated angle adjustments of the back surface. Allowing consumers who need or desire to automate their beds to add this feature to the bed they already have rather than having to purchase a completely new one.

2. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift
3. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift
5. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift

Collaborative development

ManGo’s primary focus was on design aesthetics and manufacturability, while Octo Actuators focused on the construction. At first, it was necessary to define the direction of the brand and the aesthetics of this first product, as well as other future products. Together with the client in dedicated sessions mood boards were created and refined to lay the foundation of the product design guidelines. Subsequently, a team of our designers began sketching, selecting the most promising drawings to develop further in 3D models and create render presentations.

11. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift
12. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift
13. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift
14. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift copy
15. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift copy

Packaging design

After presenting and discussing the concepts, we detailed the selected 3-D design with additional requirements into a final model. Upon completion, the native 3D files were sent to Octo Actuators engineers for DFMA (Design For Manufacturing + Assembly) engineering. Meanwhile, we developed and prototyped the packing concept for the CosyLift and the user manual.

7. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift copy
9. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift copy
6. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift
10. Octo Actuators Cosyworld Cosylift copy

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