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Bebcare is a Hong Kong based company focusing on premium baby care products to assist parents with the well-being of their baby in daily life. To help parents protect their baby against polluted air (especially in Asian cities), they decided to develop an air purifier that could be used both indoor and outdoor.


Bebcare, Hong Kong


Research, Design strategy, Concept development

UN Goal

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User interface development

During the electronics development, Bebcare contacted ManGo to work on the design of the air purifier. The briefing was to design a product that would appeal to parents and children. The design had to be self-explanatory, with a clear and easily accessible user interface. Sensors were integrated in the design to measure the air quality and ensure that the battery would not be drained unnecessarily. The application shows the air quality which is continuously measured and gives an alert to the parents if levels are bad. It also enables control of all functions of the device.

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From the presented concept designs Bebcare selected, a friendly sleeping figure that blows the filtered air towards the baby. To optimize the airflow through the filter and sensors CFD-analysis was utilized during the design process.

Besides air purification, the Bebcare Air plays lullabies and functions as a night light.

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