Product design for clean energy

A solar panel to plug in a power socket and you’re done. No installation required by expensive professionals or permanent infrastructural changes to your roof. And if you want to expand, simply add another module.

Dutch start-up Supersola’s mission is to make solar energy available for everybody. ManGo was challenged to take their original product to the next level by reducing the size (to fit in car trunks), lower costs, improve ergonomics and enhance aesthetics.


Supersola, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization

UN Goal

4. Supersola


Place the Supersola on a flat surface and unfold the windshield.

3. Supersola


Fill the ballast tanks with water and slide them back in the Supersola

5. Supersola


Put the plug into a grounded power socket. Ready to go!

Engineering of the construction

A complete re-design of the original Supersola structure was necessary to reduce components and costs. In this process both FEM and CFD analysis were utilized to validate the strength of the construction in all circumstances (from subzero to blistering heat). Off-tool prototypes were analyzed in climate chambers to validate the construction engineering and optimize the material selection.
Ergonomics were improved by dividing the large water tank in four smaller models with sturdy handles to be filled under a tap.

6. Supersola
7. Supersola
8. Supersola
9. Supersola

Manufacturing methods

The large and heavy base was re-designed by us into a structure made of custom extrusion profiles, blow molded tanks and injection molding components. Significantly reducing costs and providing more design freedom for smart solutions.

Assembly time

Various prototypes were made to validate and optimize the time required for assembly. A challenge to overcome were tolerance differences between components from different production techniques. Thanks to the expertise of our engineers and close contact with manufacturers, this was taken into account early on in the process.

The result of our efforts is an aesthetically improved and easier to use ‘plug and play’ solar panel. Made in the Netherlands with a 25% reduction in component cost and substantially reduced assembly time.

10. Supersola
12. Supersola
13. Supersola
14. Supersola
15. Supersola
16. Supersola
17. Supersola
18. Supersola
19. Supersola

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