Professional equipment design

Bright is the leading brand worldwide for professional tire equipment. ManGo Product Design was requested to create upgraded designs of their premium tire changer, wheel balancer and alignment machines. The Bright machines and those of competitors were mostly utilitarian in design; enabling us with a great opportunity for improvements.


Bright, China


Research, Design strategy, Concept development

2. Bright tire

User centered design

ManGo discussed with Bright where their brand had to be positioned in 10 years and the emotions the new products had to evoke. Several of our team members worked alongside car mechanics in tire change centers using equipment of Bright and competing brands. Discovering quite a few improvements in ergonomics, use cues and workflow of the machines.

3. Bright tire
4. Bright tire
5. Bright tire

User experience development

The result of our product development effort is a collection of handsome and durable machines. Not only the aesthetics have been improved. A lot of small features have been added to enable improved ergonomics and use of the machines. Easier to identify points of operation, storage for additional tools and grease, integrated bins for tire lead and an easier to understand user interface.

6. Bright tire
7. Bright tire
8. Bright tire

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