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Severo from IMS Medical is a world market leader in professional pill grinding equipment, used by healthcare professionals to enable patients with swallowing problems or dementia to take their medication. Severo required a portable solution of their equipment as the number of patients which are treated by homecare nurses was growing rapidly.


IMS Medical, Netherlands


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Mechanical engineering

Besides having an outdated look, the machine which IMS medical developed 10 years prior was way too large and heavy for mobile use. Together with the client the grinding mechanism was redesigned and engineered to be 12 times smaller. A battery was added and a new PCBA with improved user interface. During the development prototypes were not only used to validate the grinding mechanism. They also served to judge ergonomics and vibration stress experienced by users.

2. IMS medical severo
3. IMS medical severo
4. IMS medical severo

Supply chain and manufacturing

The handheld Severo is assembled by our client in the Netherlands with components manufactured by partners from ManGo’s network. After market introduction the new pill grinder turned out to be so successful and cost effective that the old model was phased out of production.

5. IMS medical severo
6. IMS medical severo
7. IMS medical severo
8. IMS medical severo
9. IMS medical severo
10. IMS medical severo

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