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Fluid Rower is a manufacturer of rowing machines with a patented twin tank technology, designed to replicate the sensation of outdoor rowing in the comfort of one’s home gym. Offering an uninterrupted, fluid rowing stroke accompanied by the soothing sound of water sloshing within the tank, these machines aim to simulate the experience of gliding on water. Suitable for seasoned athletes to fitness novices, thanks to their adjustable resistance settings, Fluid Rower has established itself as a premier brand for rowing machines. To uphold this position and enhance both aesthetics and technical capabilities, ManGo Product Design, renowned for our expertise in fitness equipment design, was commissioned to develop the new rower collection.


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The previous generation of rowing machines were often criticized for their bulkiness and lack of resemblance to the sleek design of competitive rowing boats. In addition to aesthetic concerns, they posed practical challenges as they were heavy to move and cumbersome to store in an upright position. Despite these drawbacks, Fluid Rower insisted on keeping wood as the primary material for the rowing frame, aligning with user preferences. As for many users, Fluid rowers serve not only as exercise equipment but also as decorative elements within their interiors. Wood presented both structural and durability issues as the frames endure significant wear and tear from the repetitive rowing motions. Advanced users exert considerable force, reaching peak forces of hundreds of kilograms during workouts.

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To address the challenges of bulkiness and weight of the rowing machines, our development process focused on creating sleeker models by incorporating stylish thin steel components and reducing the thickness of wood to streamline the design and reduce weight. We utilized Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis software to verify that the chosen design fulfilled construction strength criteria. Additionally, we systematically reduced component sizes and thicknesses, all the while confirming the rigidity of the construction through incremental validation steps. Once the design was digitally optimized, we collaborated with the Taiwanese factory of Fluid rower to construct and test prototypes, ensuring the final product met both aesthetic and performance standards.

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Further design improvements

In addition to enhancing the aesthetics and decreasing the weight of the rower, further improvements were desired. Specifically, to minimize the size of shipping parcels for cost-effective transportation and enable compatibility with a smartphone and tablet app instead of relying on a dedicated screen. To fulfill these requirements, a new application was developed alongside sleek holders for users to attach their mobile device. Reducing the rower’s size for transport was challenging due to users’ complaints about assembly, which regularly resulted in device failures. Which is in conflict with the request to cut up the design in smaller pieces for transport. To address this, we implemented poka yoke design principles to ensure that users could only mount components in the correct way. This streamlined the assembly process and significantly improved the customer journey for rower owners.

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