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Vision Tech contracted ManGo Product Design to develop their adult and pediatric nasal speculum with integrated LED lighting. Vision Tech wanted to make the procedure to look inside a patient’s nose easier for doctors. Avoiding having to use a flashlight or illuminated headband.


Visiontech, Belgium


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Packaging development

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Design for sterilization

Integration of the LED, battery and circuit board in such a small instrument was a challenge. Speculums need to be sterilized in an autoclave at 134°C, which would destroy the electronics. To tackle this, we came up with a small module to be taken out for charging. Allowing the speculum to be sterilized without the electronics. This module essentially is a miniature flashlight, using a custom lightguide to illuminate inside the nose. The speculum and switch are operated with one hand to keep the other free for procedures.

3. Visiontech
4. Visiontech 2
7. Visiontech nasal speculum

Aesthetic design

Speculums are usually made of stainless steel and have a technical appearance. This new innovative speculum needed to stand out from the competition. There was no reason why the instrument had to look so cold and clinical. ManGo convinced Vision Tech to let us create a more user and patient friendly design. To enable this the spring mechanism was integrated inside the handle for a cleaner look. And soft touch plastics added for more grip.

6. Visiontech Black

Prototype durability tests

To enable using plastics for the speculum many autoclave tests had to be executed in our workshop to determine which materials would hold up over time. Most materials of which the specification sheets mentioned that they were suitable for autoclave procedures in practice did not withstand the real deal. But after testing dozens of materials, a suitable option was identified for the injection molded components of the speculum.

Besides the product design and engineering of this innovative speculum ManGo also developed the manual and packaging.

8. Visiontech nasal speculum
10. Visiontech nasal speculum
11. Visiontech nasal speculum
5. Visiontech

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