Heat pump engineering

Quatt is a scale-up from the Netherlands with a mission to accelerate the energy transition. They do this by making affordable hybrid heat pumps a possibility for all households. Their direct-to-consumer approach cuts unnecessary middlemen out of the mainstream business model as used by other parties. ManGo Product Design was commissioned to engineer Quatt’s beautiful concept design into a scalable product.


Quatt, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing

UN Goal

2. Quatt heat pump design


Because the client already sold heat pumps in presales based on the design concept. It was important not to deviate from that, if at all. Challenging was that the front panel had two different colours and also a wooden detail. As a first step, we looked for affordable production techniques that would enable the desired look and would also last at least 15 years outdoors. From our large network of suppliers, we eventually chose a production technique that is also used on car grills.

9. Quatt heat pump design

Technical development

Efficiency is the most important aspect of a heat pump. Therefore, CFD analyses were integrated into the design process at an early stage. With the insights from these, it was possible to optimize the air flows within the existing design. Several prototypes were also made to validate both efficiency (80%) and appearance. After engineering, ManGo’s supply chain in China was leveraged to quickly start production for Quatt.

7. Quatt heat pump design
5. Quatt heat pump design

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