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ManGo Product Design worked for several years alongside the team of Etergo on the development of their electric scooter. Besides being of high quality, it was to be the first scooter with built in applications for navigation, music, calls, food deliveries, etc. In 2020 the design won a German Design Award and Etergo was acquired by Ola Electric from India. Which consequently built the largest EV scooter factory in the world and started production in 2021. At the moment of writing (September 2022) the Ola Electric factory is producing over 1.000 scooters a day.


Ola Electric, India


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing

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Shortly after introducing their electric scooter concept design, ManGo started working together with Etergo. We were involved in the design and engineering of multiple components for the AppScooter. Including all lighting units, the multimedia speaker and the drive sound generator.

2. Ola Electric
3. Ola Electric
4. Ola Electric

Engineering consultancy

Besides developing several crucial components of the scooter ManGo assisted Etergo with EV design consultancy on the following subjects:

5. Ola Electric
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7. Ola Electric
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