Car charging station development

ManGo Product Design was the project manager and development partner for all Eneco’s electric vehicle charging stations. The initial development in 2007 was for the first charging station in Europe ever. During four years a variety of charging stations and integrated solutions for cars, scooters and bicycles were developed and accredited by DEKRA as the first of their kind. In this process the certification procedures were developed alongside the notified body and technology developed that is now used in every charging station on our continent.


Eneco, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, UI/UX design

UN Goal

2. Eneco laadpaal 2.0
4. Eneco laadpaal


The first European EV charging station ever is a striking public object, this is an objective Eneco wanted to achieve. The integrated solar panel on top receives enough energy to operate the NRGSPOT and through the power grid vehicles are supplied with green energy.

5. Eneco laadpaal
6. Eneco laadpalen
7. Eneco laadpalen

Project management

Together with our partners, the patented fast charging technology and payment modules were developed. Besides the engineering ManGo was responsible for building the systems and getting them installed in the public space to test and evaluate.

8. Eneco laadpalen
9. Eneco laadpalen

Second generation development

After the first NRGSPOT intended to create awareness, it was time to develop an affordable and scalable commercial design. The second generation NRGSPOT was developed by us with a modest design to make it suitable for all public spaces, drawing enough but not too much attention. Lessons from the first model were implemented mainly as user interface improvements as charging electric vehicles was still new in those days. A modular design was created to make it easier to build different models of the Eneco charging station.

10. Eneco elektrisch laden
11. Eneco elektrisch laden
12. Eneco elektrisch laden
13. Eneco elektrisch laden copy

Design partnerships

As the Eneco car charging station was the first of its kind in Europe it received a lot of attention. Other companies requested partnerships to collaborate with Eneco and us to integrate the technology in their own products. For the NS (national railway) a parking and charging station for electric bikes, for SAPA a car charger integrated in a lamp-post and for JCDecaux a billboard model were developed.

14. Eneco elektrisch laden

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