Kids furniture design

Clover Living came to ManGo with the request to design a small furniture collection around an educational magnetic wall-board. It was to be the first product collection of the new eCommerce brand. The desire was to make long-lasting products with multiple functionalities that would fit in a cool kid’s room but also in a stylish living room.


Clover Living, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, Packaging development

Long-term use products

Clover Living challenged ManGo to create an innovative, yet simple solution that would extend the usable life of their furniture piece. We came up with an easy-to-assemble desk riser that enables children to use the same desk from toddler (2-3 years) until they are 9 years old. The desk riser was created in such a way not to affect the desired minimalistic appearance of the furniture piece.

2. Clover living furniture design

Smart components

The desk riser consists of two injection moulded sliding components delivering strength and durability by transferring the load evenly. To attach or disconnect this concealed system no tools are required. The synergy between all parts, including the tight tolerances of the injection moulded components and the wooden elements, was of importance to ensure a secure and durable joint. Also, a clever storage compartment with lid was integrated into the stool. ManGo developed a custom-made hinge to ensure a child safe solution.

3. Clover living furniture design
4. Clover living furniture design

Sourcing manufacturers

ManGo sourced furniture manufacturers from Eastern Europe and South-East Asia to make samples of the design. Close collaboration and efficient communication were required to get to the perfect samples. Technical challenges were addresses during several rounds of samples, such as finding the right scratch resistant and child-friendly paint, choosing the best wooded joints and improving the structure for an even load distribution.

5. Clover living furniture design
6. Clover living furniture design
7. Clover living furniture design copy
8. Clover living furniture design copy

Certification process

The desk wall-board and its accessories fall under the EU Toy Safety Directive. After the final sample was approved by the Clover Living and ManGo; we assisted the client with the certification process. By executing a risk analysis to identify possible hazards and subsequently properly addressing all of them before setting up production.

9. Clover living furniture design copy
10. Clover living furniture design copy
11. Clover living furniture design copy
12. Clover living furniture design copy

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