Collaboration in product development

The cooperation between barbecue brand Cadac Dometic and ManGo Product Design has been ongoing for many years. We have worked with the engineers of Cadac bbq on a variety of new products for their portfolio in recent years. By constantly keeping up-to-date with trends in the market and emerging materials, our designers seamlessly complement the Cadac team who have a lot of knowledge of BBQs.


Cadac Dometic, South Africa


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing

Sustainable materials

Cadac wanted their new Meridian collection to be partly made of wood. But since tropical hardwood is under enormous pressure from global logging and softwood rots within a year, a sustainable solution had to be found. Many materials both natural and artificial were explored in the design process. South African Rhinowood eventually emerged as the best choice. Made from durable fast-growing pine that undergoes heat and pressure treatment, the end result is a virtually indestructible wood suitable for outdoor use.

2. Cadac bbq
3. Cadac bbq
4. Cadac bbq


ManGo was asked by Cadac to design the new E-Braai collection in such a way that it would not only fit on the campsite but also at home in the garden or on the balcony. We developed both a table and standing model, with wooden legs giving it a Scandinavian look. The focus in the development was on the creation of a nice, smooth transition from the barbeque bowl to the wooden legs. ManGo also developed an intuitive interface that was seamlessly integrated into the design.

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11. Cadac bbq tools
13. Cadac bbq tools
14. Cadac bbq tools

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