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Odeer (China) was already selling Ventilation products in Australia when they approached ManGo Product Design. The request was to upgrade the design of a few of their models to be introduced in the European market. Market research indicated however that the whole system needed to be changed because of differences between Australian and European ducts.


Odeer, China


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, Packaging development

2. Ventilight


Out of the presented concepts two design directions were chosen, to be the first products of the yet unnamed brand. Combining lighting and ventilation for DIY solutions in Europe had never been done before, so a new design language to distinguish the brand was developed. The engineering of the duct proved to be a major challenge to enable extracting the same amount of air as a regular fan (without a light in the middle). Our 3D models were validated through CFD-analysis and prototypes were utilized to test flow, minimize sound levels and improve IP-ratings for humid environments.

3. Ventilight
5. Ventilight
6. Ventilight_v2
4. Ventilight

Brand development

The result is two beautiful product collections fitting in all bathrooms. An affordable collection made from plastics and several luxurious models with a beautiful ceramic cover. At the Dutch Design Week, the Ventilight collection received a Good Industrial Design (GIO) award. Besides ManGo was also responsible for the brand, packaging and manual development.

7. Ventilight
8. Ventilight
9. Ventilight

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