Important aspects of product packaging design

Most people are not aware how much time and care goes into designing packaging. Good product packaging design is an integral part of a brand’s story, a way to show consumers what they can expect when they buy your products. It’s also the keystone of successful logistics and there are regulatory requirements to take into consideration as well. In short, product packaging design should never be an afterthought; it should be given the attention it deserves from the very beginning. Let’s take a closer look at what creative packaging design is and why it matters.

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Creative packaging design

Creative packaging design takes industrial design and product packaging one step further by adding an extra layer of creativity to differentiate brands from their competitors in the marketplace. At ManGo, creative packaging design goes beyond simply protecting the product; we strive to create an emotional connection between consumers and brands through thoughtful visuals, colors, textures, shapes and sustainable material use. These days there are so many different materials to work with, giving our design engineers enormous freedom to experiment.

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The unboxing experience

Consumers nowadays are looking for more than just quality products; they are seeking out experiences that give them a sense of satisfaction after opening up their purchases –– this is where creative packaging design comes into play! Good creative packaging design can make the unboxing experience even more special for customers by providing them with something unique that sets your brand apart from others on the market. This could be anything from custom illustrations or personalized messages included in each package to unique textures or shapes that leave a lasting impression on customers long after they have opened up their package

Packaging design for sales

The success of many products (especially the ones sold in brick-and-mortar stores) depends on their packaging design. The right product packaging design can draw people’s attention while the wrong one can make them overlook it entirely or even worse repel them away from it altogether. Product packaging design should always keep specific goals in mind such as creating an emotional connection with consumers or providing clear information about what’s inside the package so that potential buyers can quickly make an informed decision about purchasing it or not.


1. Product protection: the most obvious reason for investing in packaging is that it protects your product from damage during shipping and handling. This means making sure it is of the correct size and strength so that the contents remain undamaged when they reach their destination.

2. Regulatory requirements: depending on your industry, there may be specific regulatory requirements around how you must package products for sale or export. For example, medical devices must meet FDA/CE standards while food items must adhere to food safety regulations in order to be legally sold in certain markets. Knowing these requirements upfront helps to save time and money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.

3. Logistics optimization: good product packing design helps to optimize your logistics operation by reducing shipping costs and improving delivery times. We understand what types of containers work best for different types of shipments (e.g., for air vs ground transport) which is critical for any business with a global supply chain strategy.

4. Drop testing: this is an essential step before launching a new product or introducing changes to existing ones. Drop tests are designed to simulate how a package will hold up when subjected to normal wear and tear during shipping – such as being dropped from certain heights – so that potential problems can be identified and addressed ahead of time before customers start receiving damaged goods.

5. Ecommerce packaging design: finally, if you’re selling products online (e.g. dropshipping) then we’ll make sure that all aspects of your ecommerce packaging are optimized including: size, branding and labeling.

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Sustainable packaging design

At ManGo, all product packaging designs we create consider environmental concerns such as recyclability or reuse. At our office we have a huge material database with all kinds of sustainable materials that can be utilized both for your product and packaging design. As a first step with our clients, we map the packaging journey from manufacturer all the way to your customers. By understanding this journey and its challenges we can suggest the most appropriate materials to work with. Some might require high investments and others none at all, these factors we also take into account to remain within scope of our clients.

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Good product packaging design is more than slapping labels on boxes and calling it a day; lots of thought and effort is involved. When done well, creative packaging design provides both aesthetic appeal and creates a great unboxing experience. And at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting products throughout their journey from factory floor to your customer’s doorstep. Whether you need drop box testing or logistics optimized packages for maximum cost savings, our experienced team is able to assist.

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