From idea to product: how the Industrial design process works

Have you ever had an idea that could become something amazing? If so, then you know how exciting it is to think about turning that idea into a reality. But what does it actually take to turn an idea for an invention into a product? Through guidance and expertise, our industrial design process provides structure and support to turn any idea into a marketable product. So, let’s explore what the important steps are in the process.

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What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design involves taking a concept from idea to production. Our process includes user experience research, concept design, engineering, prototyping, packaging development and arranging manufacturing. With the ultimate goal to create products for our clients that are aesthetically pleasing, practical in use and that can be sold at a profit. In essence, our work is the bridge between getting from an idea to a product.

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Process of Industrial Design

At ManGo the process of industrial design begins with understanding your invention. For us this includes market research, regulatory scoping and competitor analysis as well as determining how feasible it is to manufacture your product idea on an industrial scale. Once this is clear, our team will start creating sketch designs. Exploring multiple directions to get from idea to product. Such as: aesthetics, technical solutions, material usage, colors and branding differentiation. Once choices have been made by the client, we continue with 3D concept design. These 3D models are also used to create prototypes in order to test functionality, ergonomics and looks. A process to refine issues identified during testing follows prior to setting up production. Prototypes made by us can also be used for Notified Body certification, to allow legal access in the market. And at the same time filing for a patent can be wise to protect your product idea. Filing earlier on is possible but not always wise as during the process of turning an idea into a product things might need to change.

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Once the design process is complete, the final step to take an idea to product can be taken. Depending on the complexity of your product, there are always multiple options available when it comes to mass manufacturing. It’s important to consider desired production cost, tooling budget and batch sizes when choosing which manufacturing method is optimal for your product. At ManGo, we always advise our clients early on about the most appropriate manufacturing techniques to get from idea to product. This is important because all techniques have their own unique constraints to consider, otherwise what was designed cannot be made. Also, we don’t want to create a design which is too expensive to manufacture or that requires moulding investments above the client’s budget. To avoid all of this from happening ManGo collaborates with factories as early as possible. Either one of the many capable OEM’s from our network or a manufacturer introduced to us by the client.

Mould making & quality control

Together with the selected factory the mould making is executed, a process closely guided by our DFMA engineers. Moulds are required for most traditional manufacturing methods to enable production of low-cost parts with precision. Simultaneously we ensure that quality control measures are drafted and implemented throughout production in order that all parts are up-to-standard before they are sent out for assembly or packaging. Do take into account that working with factories to setup manufacturing is often the most time-consuming and expensive step in getting from idea to product.

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Developing an idea into a product can seem daunting but with the right plan in place it doesn’t have to be! The professionals at ManGo Product Design streamline your process and break it down in stages; to save you time and money. In this way we have helped dozens of companies and entrepreneurs to turn an idea into a product. As a first step for your development process, you can download our checklist and go critically through all important questions. Asking yourself questions like: has my idea not been patented yet by others? Do I have sufficient budget to invest in moulds and minimum order quantities or do I need to find investors? Where would I like to sell my products and which certifications are required? And many more…

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