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Everyone loves a good awards show. From the Oscars to the Emmys, people tune in from all over the world to see who will take home the coveted golden statue. But have you ever heard of industrial design awards? Did you know that there are international design awards for products? These product design awards honor innovation, creativity, and excellence in product design. They can be expensive to apply for and require time and effort, but the benefits can outweigh the costs. Let’s take a closer look at industrial design awards, as well as their costs, benefits, and drawbacks.

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International design awards

Product design awards are competitions where products such as furniture, appliances, tools, or even medical devices are judged on their aesthetic appeal, build quality, usability and the problem they solve. The criteria can vary depending on the award. International design awards often have a strict set of rules and regulations that must be followed when submitting entries. Often there are thousands of contestants and judges are experts from all kinds of industries, making it challenging for companies and designers to win.

International design excellence awards

Product design awards come in all shapes and sizes. There are international design awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, iF Product Design Award or the German Design Award; all of which ManGo has won in the past. Then there are regional awards like the GIO or the A’Design Award. Each has its own criteria and requirements for entry, so it’s important to do your research before applying. If you are interested to compare product design awards, we can provide a list of most awards out there with all relevant details.

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For any brand, designer or product manufacturer looking to get their work noticed by industry professionals, participating in an industrial design award competition is a great way to do so. It provides an opportunity for your product or service to stand out from competitors and gives you access to potential customers who may be interested in your work. International design awards can generate a lot of exposure, especially if utilized to the fullest in marketing. After winning (or having been nominated) you are allowed to use the award icon as a stamp of approval in communications, packaging and on the winning product. “Some of our clients even reported a sales increase of 400% after winning a relevant award!” Please take into account that winning a product design award does not automatically generate additional sales, but it is always a brand builder. There are some drawbacks such as high costs, having to ship a free sample for judging (which is often not returned) and a lengthy process that may require additional resources from your team.

Product design award costs

The costs for an industrial design award very much depend on which award you are applying for and how many entries you submit. There are a few which are free to take part in but generally speaking, international design awards are not cheap. Some of these product design awards come with hefty winning fees ranging from hundreds to thousands of euros per entry plus additional fees if you decide to go down the “premium” route (which includes things like extra exposure). Additionally, there is usually a submission fee of several hundred euro that covers administrative costs such as reviewing and judging your entry.

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International design awards often provide an incredible opportunity for brands, designers and product manufacturers alike to showcase their work on a global scale. While there may be some drawbacks associated with participating in these competitions such as cost and time commitment, the potential benefits outweigh them. At ManGo over the years, we have won many product design awards with our clients. We encourage participation and can assist you in the process

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