Smart tracker development

Versa specializes in tracking aircraft luggage even when it is in the baggage hold during a flight. When they approached ManGo Product Design, Versa had already run an intensive pilot with their first series of products. The desire was to develop a new generation of improved trackers for consumers but also a model with additional sensors for tracking sea containers and ULDs (aircraft pallets).


Versa, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization

UN Goal

2. Versa tracker

Product family design

After creating the mood board with the client, we started working on the sketches for three concept directions. With a design that shows that both the luggage (Versa 2) and cargo (Versa 2a) trackers come from the same company, yet are different and fitting to their user scenarios. With a similar basis, but more subtly detailed in the case of the baggage tracker than for the more robust cargo model.

3. Versa tracker
4. Versa tracker

Integration of electronics

During the engineering, we worked closely together with the electronics developers to select the optimal sensors, among other things. In this process, ManGo took a critical look at how best to integrate the sensors into the housing. To achieve the highest possible waterproofing but also to optimize functionality and keep the assembly simple. The Versa 2a contains sensors that record temperature, humidity, light exposure, tilt and shock. The device automatically notifies the logistics process owner when a deviation occurs.

5. Versa tracker
6. Versa tracker
7. Versa tracker
8. Versa tracker

Production assistance

In the process of setting up production, we had intensive contact with the manufacturer. In this, mould drawings were assessed as well as the First Out of Tool (FOT) and Second Out of Tool samples in order to identify optimizations. Not only for the visual aspects but also for waterproofing. Samples were assembled by us and subjected to climate tests to identify areas for improvement.

13. Versa tracker
12. Versa tracker

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