Laboratory equipment design

Tecnic, a manufacturer of laboratory machines, had to develop a desktop version of their automated pipetting robot. Targeting small laboratories, the design needed to be substantially reduced in size without the losing any functionalities. ManGo Product Design was contracted for the design, engineering of all mechatronics, machine building and project management.


Tecnic, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing

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Mechatronics engineering

A pipetting robot is like a small factory which automates the labor-intensive process. The Tecnic InoBot S uses Petrifilm’s which are paper Petri dishes developed by 3M. The tasks which had to be executed by the machine:

Quite a complex machine for which off-the-shelf mechanisms were either too large or expensive. For most mechatronics completely new systems were engineered by us from scratch: XYZ positioning mechanisms, moving platforms, label printer applicators, etc.

2. Tecnic pipetting robot
3. Tecnic pipetting robot

Cost engineering

Besides reducing the size, the manufacturing costs had to be lowered substantially as well and the working prototype finished in 6 months. To enable meeting the tight deadline and streamlining co-operation with the PLC programmers of Tecnic three mechanical engineers from ManGo worked on location for the project’s duration.


After six months of design, engineering and the assembly of over 3.500 components, the pipetting robot came together. And with some iterations during the process, it worked flawlessly. Adding to this success story our engineers were able to develop the pipetting robot with a bill of materials that was 50% lower as initially requested by Tecnic. 

4. Tecnic pipetting robot
5. Tecnic pipetting robot
6. Tecnic pipetting robot

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