Telemedicine product design

HigoSense is a digital doctor that fits in the palm of your hand. A telemedicine device with a back-office of trained clinicians providing 24/7 diagnostics. Within minutes users can arrange a doctor’s consultation, referral to a specialist or receive a prescription from the comfort of home.


HIGO, Poland


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization, UI/UX design, Packaging development

UN Goal


Innovative medical device

ManGo was requested to execute the design and engineering of this revolutionary medical device. HigoSense had to combine nine medical exams in one affordable consumer targeted product design. Each exam had to be clinically validated for diagnosis purposes. ManGo developed the device with five exchangeable modules to perform the following exams:

2 Higosense medical device design copy
3 Higosense medical device design
4 Higosense medical device design

Optomechanical engineering

Price was a challenge as clinical digital otoscopes already cost € 1.000,-. And HigoSense had to be lot less expensive with 8 additional exams. To make this possible everything had to be engineered from the ground up. All electronics were integrated in the main device, avoiding the need for multiple image sensors. But with each exam being completely different and requiring specific settings a lot of optomechanical engineering, light guide design and prototyping was executed by ManGo to reach clear results for each exam.

Clinical trials and certification

The device had to go from sketch through clinical trials and certification within one year. To make this possible ManGo worked alongside the team of electronics developer Zign Innovations and several clinicians to test and validate prototypes with patients fast. In this “pressure cooker” of design and engineering our team executed the aesthetic design, ergonomics, integration of electronics, graphic user interface (GUI), DFMA, certification procedures and manufacturing assistance.

5 Higosense telemedicine device
6 Higosense telemedicine device
7 Higosense clinical trial prototype product design

User interface design

The UI had to guide inexperienced users comfortably through medical examinations normally done by doctors. After selecting an exam, the HigoSense automatically detects if the correct module is installed. A short graphic video how to do the procedure is shown, followed by step-by-step graphics during execution. The data is validated by the software before it is sent to the clinician. ManGo worked closely together with doctors and focus groups (people of different ages and parents) to design, optimize and validate each step of the user interface.

8 Higosense medical user interface development
10 Higosense medical user interface development copy

Design proces

6. medical design

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