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In 2014 ManGo Product Design was approached to develop an affordable automatic book scanner which could be used by libraries or consumers to digitize their book collections. Already quite a few automatic book scanners were available on the market at that point in time, costing $ 50.000,- and upwards. It was the aim of our client to develop an easy-to-use book scanner that would be affordable for libraries and consumers.


Marafie, Kuwait


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing

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Mechatronics development

During our research we discovered that a lively online scene for universities to work on DIY book scanners. On several websites 3d models, technical drawings, instructions and software was shared. Our first attempt was building the latest version open-source scanner, of which nearly nothing turned out to be working. After a year of engineering and fine tuning we developed a scanner that worked flawlessly.

2. Revyve Google bookscanner
3. Revyve Google bookscanner

Linear book scanner

The scanner we developed scans and digitizes books at 300DPI with a speed of 1.500 pages an hour. These images can be converted into digital texts by the software. Most types and sizes of books can be scanned. The scanner is easy to assemble and was developed with a fitting futuristic look.

7. Revyve Google bookscanner
8. Revyve Google bookscanner
9. Revyve Google bookscanner

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