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When Avutec contacted ManGo Product Design they had developed a camera module including a printed circuit board which was able to recognize license plates of cars. They wanted to use this technology in a camera to be named the Gatekeeper to be installed in parking areas to automate access.


Avutec, Netherlands


Research, Design strategy, Concept development, Prototyping, Design for manufacturing, Industrialization

2. Avutec gatekeeper
3. Avutec gatekeeper


For the sensitive electronics to remain running 24/7 in all weather conditions an IP67 enclosure was required. Products with such a high IP-rating can even be submerged under water without any leakage. The cooling of the internal electronics inside was an additional challenge. Through the design of heatsinks and making an investment casted aluminum housing sufficient heat is dissipated. CFD-analysis and prototypes were used to validate both the IP-rating and heat dissipation.

4. Avutec gatekeeper
5. Avutec gatekeeper
6. Avutec gatekeeper

Success story

The Avutec Gatekeeper camera has already been installed at thousands of locations throughout Europe. It is marketed as a Product As A Service and the Artificial Intelligence continuously developed for many other use cases over time.

7. Avutec gatekeeper
8. Avutec gatekeeper
9. Avutec gatekeeper

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