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ManGo is an award-winning industrial design and engineering agency, specialized in developing innovative sustainable products, building meaningful brands and creating inspiring user experiences.

Our team of design engineers bring innovations from idea to final production, creating the building blocks for your business success.

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Amazing advancements have been achieved in the last century to prevent or cure disease and injuries. First and foremost, by the wonderful doctors and nurses working on the frontlines of healthcare, but also by amazing innovations. This technology is where the skills of ManGo Industrial Design come in. Together with our clients we work daily on medical device design. Enabling faster or less painful treatments, detect symptoms earlier, make healthcare more humane or lower workloads.

Since the rise of electric vehicles, ManGo Industrial Design has focused on the development of mobility solutions and automotive design & engineering. We have worked on the development of the world’s first commercial charging station, electric truck and solar car. Our team also has extensive knowledge in the development of smaller vehicle designs such as e-bikes and scooters.

Without a doubt, the energy transition is one of the greatest and most important challenges of our time. A complete system transition in which industrial product designers play a central role. For many years, ManGo Industrial Design has been involved in numerous projects related to this transition towards sustainability. Especially in the energy/installation sector, and utility/housing construction, many of our developments are already in use. From innovative heat pumps to air purifiers and from construction site batteries to home use rainwater systems.

An increasing number of our clients as well as we ourselves are striving for sustainable and/or circular product design; the creation of products that can be reused as long as possible. This is an ambitious goal in which ManGo has a lot of experience. Circular design is unfortunately not feasible for every product, but there are plenty of other possibilities in sustainable product design and development.

ManGo Industrial Design has developed hundreds of electronic products for our clients. Not only aesthetics but often also technical functionalities. This includes the integration of sensors, actuators and the development of necessary mechatronics. Some of our client’s design Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA’s) themselves, whereby ManGo provides the custom electronics housing, fitting to the brand identity and vision. If you do not have any knowledge of electronics design in-house, ManGo can facilitate introductions with skilled developers in Europe or Asia. It is also possible to work together with your network. We can assist either in an operational or project management role.

The impact of products
Developed by us speaks volumes:

Automotive, Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Affordable electric transport with Ola Electric

Automotive, Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Affordable electric transport with Ola Electric

Automotive, Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Affordable electric transport with Ola Electric


Scaling up sustainable funerals with Loop Biotech

Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Do it yourself solar panels with Supersola

Medical & Health

Preventing child mortality in Africa with GOAL3

Medical & Health, Electronics IoT

Home monitoring of health and disease with Higo

Sustainable & Circular

Circular packaging with Pieter Pot

Electronics IoT, Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Clean energy building sites and festivals with Wattsun

Automotive, Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Cars on solar energy with Lightyear

Automotive, Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Hydrogen trucks with Emoss and Nedstack


Make cultured meat possible wih meatable

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In each and every product there lies an opportunity to do things better than they are today. However small or big your challenge, we are here to assist.

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