Industrial product design

Industrial product design is more than just making a product look good. It’s about creating functional and visually appealing products that meet the needs of the end-user while taking into account the manufacturing process, costs, and materials. ManGo as an industrial design company uses a mix of art, engineering, and science to design and develop products that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Our industrial design agency conducts thorough market research to create product designs that meet consumer regulatory standards and quality requirements, such as FDA and ISO certifications.


Industrial product design


Development process

Industrial product design refers to the process of designing and developing products for mass production. It involves creating products that are both functional and visually appealing. The industrial product design process at ManGo typically includes research and development, conceptualization, sketching, engineering, and prototyping. The goal is to create a product that meets the needs of consumers while staying true to the brand identity of our clients. Whether it’s designing a consumer product like a smartphone or a specialized medical equipment, industrial product design is crucial to the success of any hardware company.

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Engineering and aesthetics

Industrial design engineering is also about designing and developing products that are safe, efficient, and reliable. It involves using engineering principles to create functional and durable products that meet industry standards. Within ManGo, industrial product design engineers work collaboratively with aesthetic design team members to create the best possible products for our clients. Our industrial design company also work closely with manufacturers to ensure that your product can be successfully manufactured and assembled. Industrial design engineering requires a thorough understanding of materials, manufacturing processes, tolerances of parts, electronics and regulatory demands.

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Design for Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing (DFM) practices are the cornerstone of the development process at our industrial design agency. Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) is the development steps that usually follows after the concept development. It entails the detailed engineering to assure that your product is easy to manufacture and assemble with a minimum number of defects. Design for manufacturing involves the minimizing of components, reducing the number of assembly steps, integrating standardized parts and assuring that custom components can be mass manufactured by injection molding. At our industrial design company from the first development step, we already keep manufacturing and assembly in mind. To enable our clients to reduce production costs, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of the final product.

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Technical drawings

One of the most important deliverables of the industrial product design process are technical drawings made during design for manufacturing. Technical drawings are both the language of our industrial design company as well as factories. They can be isometric, orthographic or axonometric and allow our engineers to define the design in detail and ensure a correct end result in production. Technical drawings are the blueprint to the factory for your product design and should record the size, allowed tolerances, materials, colors and surface finishes of each component.

Why partner with ManGo?

As an industrial design agency, ManGo consistently delivers exceptional designs for our clients – a feat that others perhaps can also achieve. So, what sets our industrial design company apart? Here are several compelling reasons to consider collaborating with ManGo:

When you choose our industrial design agency, you opt for a partner committed to excellence, innovation, and the successful realization of your industrial product design.

Examples of industrial product design by ManGo:

Electronics IoT, Juvenile

Avoid bedwetting with Urifoon

Automotive, Clean energy, Sustainable & Circular

Solar powered car with Lightyear

Medical & Health

Snorebreaker medical device

Electronics IoT, Juvenile

Playfully learning kids how to program

Electronics IoT

Automating beds with Octo

Medical & Health, Electronics IoT

Home monitoring of health and disease with Higo

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